Mares and Foals

Our breeding mares

When choosing our mares our highest priority was the character of the horses. We are spending a very intense and long time with them, so attributes like serenity and reliability mean a lot to us in our daily lives with them.

Our black mares Selentia, Diosa and Coral are daughters of the impressive 1.72 m, black Calificado-stallion Desdemono. Alegria, our single brown breeding mare is the daughter of the Calificado inspected brown Yeguada Mitar stallion Senado.

Coral VRM

Birth on 31/3/2009

Coral is a fine and goodhearted black mare. Her fidelity and loving nature is always an enriching experience for us. Coral impresses with her imposing height and her sporty exterior.

Selenita V

Birth on 10/3/2009

Selentia is not only interesting due her beauty and her above-average movements. She is an imposing dream mare with an extraordinary presence and has an incredible loving character.

Diosa XXVI

Birth on 27/4/2008

Diosa is a strong black mare with great charisma. Her trustworthy and big eyes are winning hearts. She is a graceful and modest mare that impresses with her outstanding movements and her eagerness for work.

Alegria de Osunilla

Birth on 7/4/2010

Alegria is our only brown mare. Her roots go back through top-class bloodlines. She is distinguished by her loving and calm character.

Belleza XXIV

Birth on 23/5/2014