About us

Our love for the Spanish horse, my long time experience as a horse trainer and the vision of working with an exceptional breed has brought us to the decision to establish these horses in Austria. We have got to know them in a very personal way. Each horse is unique and has its individual characteristics.
A horse purchase is a life style decision, as it brings great challenges as well as many happy and fulfilling hours of companionship.
Thus the physical and mental health of the horses is of paramount importance. The training and welfare of our stallions, and our mares, is based on classical methods.
All our horses live in a herd in an open stable. Our stallions are allowed to enjoy life in the middle of their companions. The intensity and the method of their training is determined by the horses themselves. They receive the best of food and husbandry, to the highest equestrian and veterinary standards, and are held in great esteem and are loving cared for by their handlers. All these things positively affect the quality of our horses.